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In 2012 and 2013 All Saints Academy sponsored a mission trip to Jamaica at the Missionaries of the Poor in Kingston. Father Richard Ho Lung, who has been on EWTN, is the founder. The students and chaperones were able to meet and talk with this remarkable priest on their trips. You can access more information about the Missionaries of the Poor at their website: www.missionariesofthepoor.org. There is a video right on the main page that tells all about it. Even though the school has closed, there are several former teachers and students who are working to have the mission trips continue.

The next trip is planned for June 13-20, 2016. While there, students will help care for the basic needs of the residents ↽ bathing, feeding, and serving the very poor and disabled in Jamaica. Their day will begin early: 5:45 am with morning prayer and end late with night prayer at 9 pm, as they will be participating in the daily routine and prayer life of the Brothers and priests as well.

All basic needs are provided for by the missionary Brothers and priests; they will be sleeping in their guest house and eating the food they provide, so the only money they have to raise is for their flight & other related transportation costs, which will amount to about $600 for each missionary. Any funds collected over travel expenses will be used to either purchase requested supplies or donated directly to the Brothers.
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