K-8 Overview

Maximum ChallengeAbout Us

All Saints Academy was founded in 2006 so that siblings with different learning abilities could receive a character-forming, religious education in the same school during their elementary school years.

By creating a Maximum Challenge Plan (MCP) for each child based on their abilities,  by using direct instruction, and by maintaining small, orderly classes students experience academic success.  Successful students are motivated to continue progressing and at ASA they have the ability to go even beyond their grade level. The result is students who enjoy learning and put forth their personal best while respecting the abilities of others.

All Saints Academy is a member of NAPC*IS, the National Association of Private Catholic and Independent Schools.

Mission Statement

All Saints Academy is dedicated to helping parents develop the unique spiritual and intellectual nature in each of their children, whether the child has special needs, is gifted or is performing typically. Because All Saints Academy can personalize educational plans, students learn everyone is capable of success according to their God-given abilities and everyone, regardless of intellectual differences, is worthy of respect. This approach creates sensitivity in students, personal accountability and consequently, a school environment that is joyful, respectful, challenging and appropriate for all students and families.