Maximum Challenge Plan (MCP)

celinaASA is a Maximum Challenge® Inclusion School. So how does ASA live up to its name?

The Maximum Challenge Plan (MCP) is an essential tool which assists teachers in identifying and providing the instruction, accommodations, and goals so that all students at ASA can be challenged at their maximum levels. The plan is considered a “living document” as it can be amended as necessary by a student’s changing needs. It is accessible to parents, teachers, and administrators in a collaborative effort between school and home. The school will draw up the plan, but parental input is both welcome and necessary.

The plan itself is quite simple in form. The report allows space for basic family and student biographical information, the most current scores from the Woodcock-Johnson III® (WJ-III) Achievement Test, and current subject placements (grade levels) to which the student is assigned.

What if a child has significant learning needs that cannot be met simply by placing him in the correct course level? In this case, the plan documents any accommodations, curriculum modifications, additional learning goals, and behavior tracking plans to support the student’s success in an inclusive classroom environment to the maximum extent possible for the student. For additional learning goals, the plan lists very concrete and specific objectives, forming a scaffold for teachers and students to follow and track progress.

Maximum Challenge Plan (pdf)